Vines available for planting spring 2021 in approximate numbers.


Sauvignon Blanc MS                        SOLD OUT

Chardonnay UCD 15 on 3309            900 vines

Chardonnay B95 on 3309                 2,100 vines

Pinot Gris KMV7A on 3309                550 vines

Pinot Gris LB on 3309                       1,750 vines

Pinot Noir 667 on 3309                        275 vines

Pinot Noir 115 on 3309                     5,000 vines

Syrah 470 on 3309                              1,000 vines

Syrah TK80                                            600 vines



VNNZ aims to produce the cheapest certified vines in the country.

We offer two price levels. Orders greater than 10,000 vines and orders for less than 10,000 vines. Contact us using the link below.


Click below to see what grape vine material we can offer.


All material is ELISA tested and Ampelographed (True to type checked).